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Deliverance prayers and Application
Here are the prayers and application we use in deliverance. Please feel free to download and use. Just click on a title.
We simply request that you respect the copyright and not change any content without the express, written permission of Bob Lucy

1.  My Blood Covenant Salvation Prayer

2.  Prayer to Break Generational Curses & Sins of the Bloodlines

3.  Prayer to Break Ungodly Soul Ties

4.  Prayer to Break the Masonic Curses

5.  Prayer for Release of Bitter Root Judgment & Expectancy

6.  Prayer of Repentance of Personal Sin

7.  Prayer to Release Alters

8.  Prayer to Remove Alters

9.  Prayer to Release and Remove Unknown Alters

10.  Prayer to Remove Demonics

11. Prayer to Break Word Curses

12. Prayer to Break Territorial Strongholds

13. Application & Consent for Personal Ministry

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